Title: The Queen of the Fairies
Symbol: Crescent Moon
Portfolio: Fey, Woodlands, Moon, Love, Passion, Music, Pranksters.
Domains: Plant, Magic, Chaos, Trickery, Charm
Alignment: CG
Weapon: Shortbow

Title: The Endless March
Symbol: Sun
Portfolio: Darkness, Death, Life, Sun, Rebirth, Fire, Purity,
Domains: Darkness, Sun, Repose, Death, Fire
Alignment: LN
Weapon: Morningstar

Title: The Lord of Winds
Symbol: Stormcloud
Portfolio: Protection, Rain, Seasons, Storms, Water, Weather, Wind.
Domains: Air, Water, Creation, Protection, Weather
Alignment: TN
Weapon: Trident

Title: The Mad
Symbol: Eye in a Book
Portfolio: Arcana, Fate, Freedom, Learning, Madness, Secrets, Prophecy
Domains: Madness, Knowledge, Rune, Artifice, Liberation
Alignment: CE
Weapon: Quarterstaff

Title: The Great God
Symbol: Greatclub
Portfolio: Adventure, Brawling, Courage, Destruction, Strength, War, Zeal.
Domains: Glory, Strength, Destruction, War,
Alignment: CN
Weapon: Greatclub

Title: The King of Lions
Symbol: Lion’s Claw
Portfolio: Beasts, Conquest, Hunting, Killing, Malice, Nobility, Tyranny.
Domains: Evil, Animal, Travel, Nobility, Law
Alignment: LE
Weapon: Spear

Title: The Giving
Symbol: Bushel of Wheat
Portfolio: Agriculture, Civilization, Good, Home, Loyalty, Medicine, Trust.
Domains: Community, Earth, Good, Healing, Luck
Alignment: LG
Weapon: Scythe


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