Character Creation Basics

E6 Rules:
Characters can only gain 6 class levels.
After level 6, each character gains 1 feat for every 5000xp they gain.

Ability scores are determined by a 1 to 1 point buy with 76 points. Each character will gain one new ability point at levels 3 and 6.

Humans, Dwarves, and Halflings as per PHB
Gnomes will be the Forest Gnome subtype and are considered Fey
Orcs as per MM except that they are considered Goblinoid
Goblins as per MM
Half-elves, Half-orcs, and Elves do not exist.

All PHB classes, complete series base classes, Tome of Battle, PHB2, and Artificers.

Open Locks is combined with Disable Device.

Use whatever you can find plus the following. Any crafting feat with a level prereq higher than 6 is reduced to level 6.

Books Allowed:
Any 3.5e books can be used, just let me know where the non-core stuff is coming from.

Character Creation Basics

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